Customer Success with Conversational AI @ Remote Contact Center

Customer Success with Conversational AI @ Remote Contact Center

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When was the last time you were delighted with the customer service of a brand? Well, you may have to take a long trip down memory lane. Let’s rephrase the question – when was the last time the customer service of a brand let you down? Chances are you remember the exact brand, your complaint, the time you spent speaking to the rep, and other details. Research shows that it takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. So, creating a consistent positive customer experience is vital.

We know that the business world changed at the beginning of 2020 due to the onset of pandemic. Business as usual, had few takers. The same was applicable to customer service. With most customer care reps working from home, contact centers getting overloaded with customer calls, remote agents finding it tough to ask for help from supervisors, all have added to this mess. Thus, it led to customer service bearing the brunt of the inadequacies that business leaders failed to address in the first place.

But help is at hand. Your remote contact centers can again be the backbone of your customer service initiatives. When applied the right way, conversational AI and automation can help you save the day by winning over your customers through great customer experiences. Let’s find out how.

Winning with Conversational AI @ remote contact center

In a remote contact center setup, you must deliver on the customer service promise regardless of constraints placed by location and increase in the number of customer calls. This is where you can bank on conversational AI and automation to help your work-from-home agents to do their tasks better and provide your customers with incredible customer service experiences. So here are the top benefits of deploying AI and automation in your remote contact center.

#1. Categorizing customer complaint

You can utilize the power of speech analytics to identify and categorize customer complaints. It is possible to automate the entire process by incorporating key inputs like dead air, call hold, keywords, and caller sentiment in every conversation. Thus, doing analysis and follow-up is much more streamlined and useful for understanding customer problems.

#2. Monitoring agent compliance

With AI and automation, it is possible to score all conversations based on call handling skills, soft skills, script, and compliance adherence. Scoring parameters resemble the QA team’s quality parameters and even can be edited by analysts remotely to respond to any changes detected in the key parameters.

#3. Gauging customer satisfaction

Speech analytics solutions can automate the monitoring of customer satisfaction and compliance for every call. By leveraging your criteria, CSAT scores can be generated for every call and cross-referenced against many criteria, including agent compliance for better customer satisfaction.

#4. Providing supervisor insight

Thanks to powerful AI and analytics working in the background, you can provide your QA or supervisors with dashboards for smart sampling and an overview of all agents’ performance that are part of their roster. Supervisors can remotely check over their log, identify leaders/laggards, and be aware of calls with critical issues giving them a bird’s eye view of the remote contact center.

#5. Delivering agent feedback

Supervisors can smartly sample or deep dive into calls with additional tags added by speech analytics and give feedback to agents – all of it done remotely. Feedback acknowledgment from agents can be taken remotely as well, and any necessary follow-up steps can be taken to complete the full circle of the quality audit process.

#6. Improving customer experience

With customer intent and customer sentiments captured, it is possible to generate customer experience related insights too. With these new insights available, you can enhance the quality audit process and tweak the internal processes and systems with the sole aim of providing superior customer service experiences.

Looking to improve your customer service experience through remote contact center?

Watch our on-demand webinar on “Contact Centers and Conversational AI – The key to thriving in the contactless world”. On this webinar we have distinguished speakers like Uniphore Co-founder Ravi Saraogi, FE Credit CEO Kalidas Ghose, Ameyo Co-founder Sachin Bhatia, among others, discussing about ways to make customer service thrive in the contactless world. Here you will learn about various topics ranging from augmenting human capabilities with conversational AI in remote contact centers to reinventing customer service strategies just to stay in sync with the changing times. A must-watch if you are serious about achieving customer success through remote contact center.

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