Getting a greater ROI from your IVR

Getting a greater ROI from your IVR

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Here’s a thought: why not make your IVR investment a win-win situation both for the organization and the customer? Give your customers a visual IVR experience, utilizing their Smartphones,  instead of the traditional IVR phone experience they dislike. At the same time, make your IVR Skill set investment count for more by expanding its usage to yet another channel, easily and quickly.

Same Investment, Same Skills, Different Game

Since you have already invested time and money in your IVR team of experts, why not duplicate their skills and expertise to the visual-mobile world? You’ll be surprised at just how easy and cost efficient it is to do with a visual IVR solution that utilizes the same set of skills your current IVR technology calls for.

Switch Direction, Go Visual for Instant ROI

Customers launch a mobile app or webpage to access your visual IVR system. Instead of listening to lengthy call trees, your customers can scan their smartphone screens, click the option that best suits them, and receive a solution in a matter of, well, clicks. It’s simple, quick and it works!

Visual IVR helps you keep and reap your current IVR investment by working seamlessly with your IVR technology – How is that possible? Read on.

No Coding, No Clashes, No Need to Spend More

Visual IVR reuses your current IVR scripts to provide a visual menu-driven interface of your IVR on smartphone devices. Whether your system runs on VXML scripts or proprietary code, a Visual IVR solution works with most IVR formats to map your IVR technology onto mobile devices, complete with all its features, even pre-recorded voice segments or agent screen pops. With one set of scripts to maintain, any changes are automatically reflected on the mobile devices.

It’s a Win-Win Situation

One set of scripts, no coding, no internal clashes – it’s that simple! Better yet, use your IVR investment to go mobile, and make self-service easily accessible to your smartphone users.  Visual IVR solution lets you deliver impeccable customer service at no added costs – so what are you waiting for?

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