How You Can Improve Your Call Center Agent Scripts

How You Can Improve Your Call Center Agent Scripts

Let’s discuss what makes a great Customer Service Representative / Customer conversation. The objective of any great script is to create and deliver a scripted conversation that to the customer feels like a routine, natural conversation and persuades them to do something.

As anyone in the industry knows this is not an easy feat to manage. Even if you have some great agents who are both natural communicators and tech-savvy and who follow the script to the letter, it’s not enough. You need some secret sauce to help the conversation seem natural.

As people, we are adept at spotting clunky, fake conversations that stumble and trip out of someone’s mouth, especially when it’s from a business. A good conversation has a natural rhythm.

A monologue is not a conversation. Agents need the ability to know when they need to follow the script, when they can ad-lib and when to listen (and remember) what the customer is saying or asking.

Whether it’s the agent or the customer, no-one has the ability to truly listen for long periods of time. When you create live agent scripting, you need to ensure that the questions and information given are short bursts of easy-to-understand, jargon-free conversation.

Also, ensure that after giving some important information to the customer that some kind of checking element is added to make sure they understood properly and haven’t miss-interpreted the message. This can save on callbacks from the customer.

Best Practices for Call Center Scripts

Allow your agents dedicated time to rehearse the script until it comes naturally. We don’t expect an actor to know their lines on day one. It takes time and practice.  This will ensure the key messages are given in the most natural way possible.

In addition to this give room for the agent to personalize some parts of the script. Let them use what language comes naturally to them. For sure, some areas will need strict adherence to the script but where possible give the freedom.

However, that said; even with dry topics such as compliance make sure the agents don’t just run through the script as fast as possible. This is important information for the customer so make the agents take their time and works on making it engaging through tone and pace.

Also, try to minimize the time in the conversation where the agent is forced to listen to the customer and complete tasks on the computer. People know when the agent’s full attention is not on them. It only annoys customers.

Scripting Software Finally, invest in some powerful script writing software. Uniphore is passionate about developing technology that helps make conversations easier, more natural and more effective.

Advanced reporting and tracking capabilities will allow your organization to evaluate which path was followed the most, what worked, what didn’t, and what you can do to improve your customer service in the future. From there, it’s just a click away.

Uniphore Agent Scripting Software

With Uniphore Agent Scripting (JAS) there’s no need for IT to be involved in creating and editing scripts. JAS allows you to create and edit scripts with a click of the mouse not using code in a drag and drop environment.

  • Test your scripts in the design stage
  • Add business rules & decision points
  • Use callouts to external services
  • Pre-populates customer information
  • Delivers important information to the agent in real-time
  • Give the agent all answers in one view not multiple screens

Uniphore Agent Scripting (JAS) can really be your secret sauce in ensuring your customers’ queries are resolved faster with less need for callbacks or escalations. Uniphore recently worked with Telefónica 02 UK using JAS and reduced call center agent training time, AHT, and call transfers. Read the case study.

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