Humanizing the Customer Experience for Better Results

Humanizing the Customer Experience for Better Results

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The modern customer is short of time, is always multitasking, and wants a quick solution to queries. The Internet has not only made the customers more demanding, but it has truly empowered them. It is incumbent upon brands to provide a seamless customer experience (CX) while retaining the human touch. Humanizing the customer experience is crucial for brands to build a long-term customer relationship.

Customers’ experience when they interact with a brand online across several digital touchpoints could be construed as a digital customer experience. Understanding the customer journey across different digital touchpoints and delivering a consistent and satisfactory customer service experience is vital to a brand’s success today more than ever.

So what do customers want?

Customers, regardless of the product or geography, want to be heard, appreciated and understood. Every time they choose to engage with your company, taking time away from higher priorities, they expect you to deliver value for every moment spent. They want you to combine the best of humans and tech to provide an empathetic customer experience, fluid across digital channels.

But brands for a long time have been perplexed about what constitutes a positive customer experience. Listening carefully to customers will surely set the ball rolling. Across America, over 80% of the customers say speed, convenience, and knowledgeable assistance with a friendly demeanor constitutes a positive customer experience. Almost two-thirds of customers are even ready to share personal information with a brand if it means enjoying a better and positive customer experience.

According to a recent survey conducted by Uniphore, it is clear that consumers prefer more human interaction for customer service. Even during the height of the pandemic, when contact centers were overwhelmed with customer calls, customers still wanted to talk to a human agent. Over 78% of customers called to speak to a live agent as opposed to 5% who tried to converse with a chatbot. It reinforces the notion that humans still want to connect with humans via voice technology, even during trying times. You can learn more about the Uniphore CX survey here.

More human interaction holds the key

Building strong human connections and having frequent human-to-human interactions is key to creating a great customer experience. Here are two ways you could do that in your contact center right now.

#1. Extreme customer-centricity

One of the best ways to deliver a great customer experience is by making customer-centricity a company-wide culture. Becoming a customer-centric business means creating strategies by keeping customers front and center at all times. Customer centricity not only feels good but is profitable too. According to research, customer-centric brands are 60% more profitable. When you focus on customers to the point of obsession, a positive CX is a natural progression.

#2. Personalization of CX

Personalizing the customer experience is a great way to tell the customers that they are not identified as some random customer support ticket. Brands need to understand that every customer is unique with unique requests and expectations. But humans alone would not be able to provide a personalized customer experience. This is where artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics come into the picture. Machines can understand the real intent of a customer, anticipate their needs, and provide a customized experience at scale. Humans can do what they do best – empathize with the customers.

Now, these are great ways to create a more human experience in your contact center regardless of your industry or geography.

Learn how Uniphore can help you humanize the customer experience in your contact center now!

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