Is “Visual” the New “Speech”?

Is “Visual” the New “Speech”?

New consumer technologies like Apple’s Siri have renewed interest in speech and speech recognition. However, the role of speech recognition within the IVR still struggles to gain consumer acceptance. Part of the reason for this is that applications like Siri are of entertainment value, whereas the IVR needs to handle more complex transactions.Is Visual the new Speech?

Visual Speech Recognition

It is here that speech recognition often fails the customer: Poor recognition, Background noise, Inability to understand accents, Unable to interrupt, etc. Customers are looking for an easier way to interact with the IVR in addition to speech, and so, providing a visual interface is gaining traction.

A quick and cost-effective way for a company to start testing the Visual experience is by Visualizing the IVR experience. With Visual IVR customers can touch their way from the menu to solution in a matter of clicks – all from the comfort of their Smartphone or webpage. They can even connect directly to a specific call center agent, request a chat, or even view holding time and choose a callback option.

Visualize Your IVR Customer Experience

Visual IVR provides consistency and continuity so a customer can start the interaction on the web and finish it on the mobile or by speaking to the call center with his previous selections visible to the agent.

For the customers, this provides an alternative for the speech recognition solution, providing him/her with a sense of control and a pleasant experience. For the company – this means lowering inbound call center calls and decreasing zero-out rates, a sure and fast ROI.

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