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Conversational Analytics / 15.10.2014

Speech Analytics to prevent and detect fraud in contact centers

A report from Global Industry Analysts (GIA) says the global call centers market is projected to rea...

Conversational Analytics / 15.09.2014

Automation tools for Next Generation Contact Centers – Part II (Audio Mining)

In Part I of this Automation tools blog series, I’ve penned down the various benefits of using spe...

Company News / 05.09.2014

Innovative Voice Banking Solutions at 4th Annual Middle East Banking Innovation Summit, Dubai

Today, the global Islamic finance industry is set for double-digit growth in 2014, and the Middle Ea...

Company News / 12.08.2014

5 Min Read

Meet Uniphore at Philippine International Banking Convention 2014

To drive growth and innovation in the Philippine banking industry, the Asian Banker is organizing th...

Conversational Analytics / 29.07.2014

Automation tools for Next Generation Contact Centers - Part I

That moment when someone says ‘Contact Center’, we tend to think of people neatly organized in a...

Conversational Assistant / 14.07.2014

5 Min Read

Comparison of 4 Biometrics Technologies – Voice, Fingerprint, Iris, Face

A leading information security publication claims that a whopping 17.2 million debit and credit card...

Conversational Analytics / 30.06.2014

5 Min Read

4 Tips to achieve Financial Inclusion and tap under-served markets

As per the 2011 census,  only 14.5 crore out of the total 24.5 crore households in the country use...

Company News / 15.06.2014

5 Min Read

Uniphore to present on ‘Next Generation Indian Agriculture’ at Agri Intex 2014

Agri Intex 2014, a holistic event by Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (CODISSIA) to ...