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News / 10.03.2014

5 Min Read

Field force automation - Tips & Tricks

Much of the success of an enterprise, a service provider in particular, depends on customer satisfac...

Conversational Analytics / 17.02.2014

How to build Enterprise Mobile App in 24 hours?

Enterprise Mobility Scenario: Mobile business apps market is set to reach $53bn in 2017, says a lead...

Conversational Assistant / 03.02.2014

5 Min Read

Hear Watson, hear.

In 2011 IBM's Watson Computer won the American quiz show Jeopardy. It did so on live TV, beating two...

Conversational Analytics / 15.01.2014

mHealth: Voice-based solutions for chronic disease management

Chronic diseases are long-term diseases that develop slowly over time, often progressing in severity...

Conversational Security / 30.12.2013

Woes of Last Mile Delivery

The world's largest online retailer, Amazon.com, was quick to realize that the value was shifting fr...

Conversational Analytics / 16.12.2013

5 Min Read

How technology can solve the major challenges in Microfinance

Last week, experts, policy makers, practitioners, researchers and journalists gathered together for ...

Conversational Analytics / 03.12.2013

5 Min Read

Why Indian Enterprises Prioritize Software Spending

Despite challenging economic conditions, the enterprise software market in India is projected to rea...

Conversational Analytics / 20.11.2013

5 Min Read

How Enterprise Mobility can Transform Agribusiness

As enterprise mobility becomes increasingly mainstream, we often hear case studies about its impact ...