Screen scraping – Either Way, You are Covered!

Screen scraping – Either Way, You are Covered!

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Screen scraping softwareThe screen scraping technology enables the reuse of legacy application functionality in new composite applications. Screen scraper capabilities further provide process automation, extremely important if your applications are served through a Citrix or Terminal Services session and you need to automate or integrate to them.

The original screen scraping technology was not problem free and while capable of data extraction, it could only do so when the data and text were in specific fixed positions on the screen. If positions changed by even one character, the screen scrapping would fail. With the transition from character positioning to pixels, the screen scrapping technology improved, allowing for a small variance in the location of the field for a successful screen scraper process.

Today’s advanced screen scraping technology uses pattern matching and image recognition to pick up fields and text on the screen regardless of where it moves, offering a far more robust solution. In fact, not only can you read text or fields, you now have the ability to inspect controls and even write data back into fields and controls.

Screen Scraping Desktop Application

Screen Scraping allows you to improve the user interaction with the applications on the desktop. By being able to “read” the screen and the controls on the screen, processes can be automated. This is especially valuable in instances where an agent needs to improve their time spent in the applications while servicing a customer or performing back office work.

Whether you are a BPO dealing with client applications and need to provide automation or a call center looking to improve its agent experience – screen scraping allows you to automate routine or complex tasks, significantly shortening the time needed to perform certain actions in the application.

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