The easy first step to Mobile Customer Service

The easy first step to Mobile Customer Service

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What are we afraid of?

We all realize the benefits of mobile customer service. Our customers are there and so should we be. It’s not enough anymore to just have a static web-like presence on just any app. It needs to be dynamic and current, with the ability to provide customers with accurate real-time information and advanced self service mobile capabilities.  That’s true mobile customer service. Still, a lot of us are afraid to take the first step towards mobile customer service, for various reasons: it will cost a lot of money; which department owns this? Should I involve my Web people? Do I need a Self Service department? Will I damage my existing technology infrastructure? What will IT have to say about this?

At the end, we end up staying put while our customers, and competitors, are already riding the Mobile wave and reaping the benefits.

Visual IVR- Take the first step

Visual IVR enables you customers use their Smartphones to visually guide themselves through your IVR menu rather than listen to lengthy call trees. It’s easier, much quicker and connects users to their desired destination in a number of clicks.

Visual IVR is easy, simple and fast.  It’s an extension of your current IVR investment so ownership is not an issue.  Visual IVR works seamlessly with your current IVR technology without interrupting your current customer service systems.  It makes it easy for your company to adopt such technology – no coding, no costly replacements.  IT will definitely love this.

Visual IVR Solution: Increases Self-Service

A Visual IVR solution will increases self-service to take the load off your call center, minimize zeroing out due to better routing, and significantly lower your IVR and telephony costs as less time spent in the IVR.  And it’s not just for IT….Business is going to love this as well.  A Visual IVR solution will help your organization deliver outstanding customer service at no added costs to your original IVR investment..

Visual IVR is the logical first step to take towards providing a mobile customer service experience to your customers, a step that will dramatically improve customer satisfaction without risking internal clashes.

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