World Health Day: What it Means for Healthcare CX 

World Health Day: What it Means for Healthcare CX 

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Each year on April 7, the world recognizes World Health Day.  Established by the World Health Organization in 1950, this annual awareness day draws attention to a specific theme within the healthcare community—from disease prevention to healthcare security to insurance coverage and beyond. From day one, technology has played a key role, not only in understanding and treating featured health concerns but also in disseminating information—the very act of raising awareness—worldwide.

While themes vary from year to year, one cannot discuss healthcare issues, even broadly, without considering the healthcare consumer experience. After all, at its core, healthcare is an interaction between providers and their patients. So, just what does #WorldHealthDay mean to healthcare CX? And what are this year’s most pressing issues from the service provider perspective? Let’s explore.

Today’s Healthcare Experience is Largely Digital

As we’ve reported earlier, the global pandemic accelerated digital transformations across all industries, including healthcare. While today conditions continue to normalize, consumer behavior remains fundamentally changed. Even those initially reluctant to adopt digital healthcare now overwhelmingly prefer the ease and convenience of remote CX interactions. At the same, many healthcare providers have shifted from digital transformation to digital maturation, fine tuning their CX applications based on two years of remote consumer data. As a result, the digital experience is largely ubiquitous—and those late to the game are now racing to catch up.

Tomorrow’s Healthcare Outlook: Beyond 2022

Earlier, we shared our top five predictions for healthcare CX in 2022. We believe many of these trends will continue in years ahead, transforming the industry at the macro level. On the enterprise level, multiple, new developments are generating considerable excitement and buzz—from cutting-edge cloud technology to health information exchange innovations. Many of these topics were discussed in detail at this year’s HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

Want to Stay on the Cutting Edge of Healthcare CX?

Didn’t make it in person to HIMSS22? You can access HIMSS22 Digital on demand through April 30 by clicking here. Hear from more than 100 speakers on topics ranging from patient experience to healthcare security to post-digital technologies. With more than 30 hours of content available, there’s something for healthcare CIOs, senior executives, IT professionals, providers, suppliers and more. You can also learn more about Uniphore’s session, Drive Better Health Outcomes with Conversational AI & Automation, led by Kimberly West, Director of Product Marketing, by clicking here.

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