"Consider Uniphore for complex environments where the agent experience is constrained by having to traverse diverse and relatively unintuitive applications and processes."

About the Client

Our client has a 100+ year legacy of delivering business services to financial institutions. With domain expertise, technology platforms and business operations, our client helps banks and credit unions acquire new customers, boost product adoption and customer lifetime value, while managing customer service and preventing fraud.

They engaged Uniphore to drastically simplify order entry, so that, contact center agents will be able to process orders from customers without any specialized knowledge of multiple order entry and order management systems.

Our Approach

Our client had separate agent skill groups dedicated to each order entry system that the agents had to be trained on before they could effectively help customers. We recommended that our client unify diverse order entry systems into a simplified front-end, in an effort to create universal agents who could process customer requests without knowing the intricacies of the underlying order entry systems.

This meant that we automate the order entry process into guided workflows that  standardize the user experience regardless of the specific order entry system being used at any point in time.


  • The unified desktop and the process automation have enabled multi-skilled agents who are now able to help customers without having gone through any specialized training on each order entry system.
  • As a result of greater agent utilization, our client has been able to reallocate 15% of their workforce previously tied up in specialized skill groups towards other parts of the business operation.
  • Training time for new agents was reduced from 6 weeks to just 6 days, an 80% reduction.
  • Average handle time (AHT) was reduced by as 7.5%.
  • Overall agent engagement also improved as a result of the simplified agent experience.

What's Next

Our client is on a mission to prepare their clients for the new era of customer engagement. We’re so glad to partner with them on digital customer experience initiatives to boost digital self-service adoption by engaging callers with a visual IVR and intelligent virtual agent.