Cox Communications Optimized Contact Centers Using a
Unified Agent Desktop

What are the Key Elements of a Simplified Contact Center Agent Desktop?

Roles-based and Intuitive UX, Task Automation and Process Guidance.

"By delivering an intuitive, customizable desktop environment, our CSRs have the resources they need to deliver superior customer service to our customers."

Keith Lindsay, Director, Customer Care Application Development

About the Client

A full-service broadband telecommunications and video service provider, Cox Communications was among the first cable operators to enter the telephony market and begin offering consumers a bundle of video, Internet, and telephony services on one bill. With an intense focus on excellence in customer service and enhancing employee satisfaction, Cox Communications’ partnership with Jacada is a key part of an enterprise initiative designed to maximize the customer service representative’s work experience by providing a simplified desktop for servicing customers.

Our Approach

[Uniphore] boosts agent satisfaction and productivity by simplifying the agent desktop and providing dynamic process guidance, powered by robotic process automation (RPA). [Uniphore] offers a non-invasive integration platform that works with existing business applications to automate processes and improve workflows, without requiring any change to existing applications. The [Uniphore] powered Unified Agent Desktop is used by 1000s of agents across customer care, retentions, technical support, and communication center groups. Each group of agents benefit from a role and task driven experience geared toward a personalized agent and customer experience.


  • New Customer Service Representative (CSR) training time has been cut in half.
  • Average Handle Time (AHT) has dropped by 10%
  • With the enablement of universal agents, the client team was able to consolidate their contact centers from 30 to 23 in the first year after the initial solution rollout.

What's Next

Companies like Cox Communications recognize the critical link between agent satisfaction and customer satisfaction. The client team has been self-sufficient in managing the [Uniphore] tech stack and in making enhancements over the years.

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