Discount Bank Simplifies the Banker Experience and the Customer Experience With RPA

Goodbye, Swivel Chair. Good riddance, Alt-TAB. Hello Customer!

"We are on the right path, and have a 360 degree view of the customer, whether we are in conversation, on the phone or while documenting information."

About the Client

Discount Bank, Ltd. Is a retail bank, commercial bank and financial services company headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with 112 branches throughout the country. The size and legacy of the company brought about complexities when it comes to data management and customer service. The company had accumulated several systems over many years that were all uniquely responsible for housing information and servicing the customer. Bank tellers, while interacting with customers, often found themselves jumping back-and-forth between systems at any given moment to service their needs. This resulted in wait times, human errors in data management and a less than ideal experience for the customer.

Our Approach

Uniphore and Discount Bank took inventory of these systems. Unifying the systems into one screen merged the information into a single source providing a 360-degree view of the customer without the need to jump from application to application. Attended tasks were streamlined and bundled with RPA to automate a portion of, what was before, the agent’s responsibility.


  • One-time authentication keeps bankers logged into relevant systems without having to repeat authentication as apps time out
  • Bankers are able to help multiple customers at the same time without the burden of having to swivel chair across tabs, screens and systems
  • Additional productivity functions such as calendar access, task manager, advanced search and knowledge management were also available
  • These productivity enhancements have resulted in both operational efficiencies and an improved customer experience

What's Next

Discount Bank has realized great monetary and operational savings with the deployment of an automated and unified workspace for their tellers. The company will continue to optimize the bankers’ work environment to include full process automation which will enhance efficiency and promote a simplified, yet advanced work environment. In turn, service provided to the customer will continuously improve as more and more processes are streamlined and automated.