"Consider [Uniphore] for complex environments where the agent experience is constrained by having to traverse diverse and relatively unintuitive applications and processes."

About the Client

Lillian Vernon, a leading catalog and online retailer, markets gift, household, children’s and fashion accessory products. Personalization is a specialty of Lillian Vernon, since its inception in 1951. Almost three million contacts per year come through its large, consolidated contact center, which is staffed by both year-round and seasonal agents. Because of its reputation for providing reasonably priced products with a customized touch, Lillian Vernon places great importance on its image as a customer care leader.

Our Approach

As a retailer effected by seasonal buying, Lillian Vernon faced the additional challenge of staffing up the call center for the short holiday peak period. The complexity of the call center environment made it difficult to hire and train seasonal employees efficiently. Agent attrition during the ramp-up training period approached 40%. The company also contracted with an outsourced service provider to assist with 25% of the order sales volume.

We recommended to unify the agent desktop with robotic process automation capabilities so that agents can quickly come up to speed on both the order entry and customer service processes without having to work with the back-end mainframe and AS/400 systems.


We’re glad we were able to enable universal agents at Lillian Vernon, and help the retailer multi-skill the seasonal hires to engage in sales as well as in customer service.

  • Reduced average call time by a minimum of 17%
  • Reduced systems training time by 50% and recruiting costs for new hires
  • Reduced agent classroom attrition, and improved agent retention and satisfaction
  • Improved productivity while increasing tasks for sales-only agents, moving towards a universal agent model
  • Reduced manual feedback processes that were timely and untraceable while automatically adding agent order comments

What's Next

Our client has leveraged the solution for several peak seasons since the launch of the initial solution and is self-sufficient in maintaining and enhancing the system, having been trained on our agent desktop and robotic process automation solutions.