"[Uniphore] took time to understand our business, understand the problem we were trying to solve rather than simply sell us another technical application. That for me has been a huge part of the success of this project."

Cheryl Black, Customer Service Director

About the Client

Their European customers know them as O2. This award-winning communications company was created around simple customer insight. Just like oxygen, they understand that a customer’s mobile device is essential to their well-being. With millions of customers spanning the UK, Germany, and Spain, the mobile market is hypercompetitive. Telefónica O2 UK knew they had to set their sights on customer retention to maintain their market dominance. They chose Jacada to help them create a radical transformation in how they served customers in the UK.

Our Approach

Standardized the agent desktop throughout the company’s UK customer service operations.

Presented complex processes as simple and easy-to-follow guides reducing the need for technical support.

Simplified call scripts enabled agents to pivot to improve fix rates creating a better customer experience and increasing retention.


Telefonica O2 was able to realize
  • A decline in call escalations by 50%
  • A 40% reduction in training time
  • Reduced operational costs by millions of dollars per year.
  • Average handle time savings of 45 seconds per call per agent

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