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Identify and analyze visual, tonal and verbal cues—in real time

  • Know your buyers better than ever
  • Save time on reviews and better refine messaging
  • Close deals faster

Catch the Qs.  Close more deals

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Don't just read the room - lead the room

Read all the valuable human cues your customers are sharing in your virtual calls. Q for Sales delivers the only AI solution able to read visual, tonal and verbal cues. That’s 3x the insights to help you move deals forward.
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Understand what motivates your buyer

Q for Sales gives you real-time analysis to identify when a buyer is engaged or not. So you can better assess messaging, empower your salespeople, and react and adapt on the fly. Make better connections.

Save time reviewing meetings

Say goodbye to long hours analyzing previously recorded calls. Get powerful post-call analysis with actionable insights without having to rewatch calls. Coach your team more efficiently.

Coach from the customer’s perspective

Managers and sellers are empowered with better customer intelligence. So you can better direct your sales teams, test and refine messaging, and be more reactive to prospects. Close more deals.

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Get 6 months free + 6 months at 50% off.

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Built on a Foundation of Trust

Conversations are your company’s greatest asset, and we believe that your data is your data. Each instance of Q for Sales is maintained separately and secured based on industry-leading standards, including SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliance.

Get the most advanced, real-time AI solution to identify visual, tonal and verbal cues and better close the deal.

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