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Conversational Assistant / 04.04.2017

5 Min Read

What Should Companies Look for in a Virtual Assistant Solution Provider

The world of Speech Recognition technology is redefining the dynamics of the way humans interact wit...

Conversational Assistant / 23.03.2017

5 Min Read

Reasons Why Virtual Assistant is a Preferred Replacement for Conventional Customer Support Channels

Introduction to Virtual Assistant In line with the ever-changing dynamics of customer experience, b...

Conversational Assistant / 14.07.2014

5 Min Read

Comparison of 4 Biometrics Technologies – Voice, Fingerprint, Iris, Face

A leading information security publication claims that a whopping 17.2 million debit and credit card...

Conversational Assistant / 03.02.2014

5 Min Read

Hear Watson, hear.

In 2011 IBM's Watson Computer won the American quiz show Jeopardy. It did so on live TV, beating two...

Conversational Assistant / 02.09.2013

5 Min Read

An Insider’s Perspective on the Changing Landscape of Mobility

Ken Dulaney is a vice president and distinguished analyst in Gartner Research, where his research ar...

Conversational Assistant / 27.02.2013

5 Min Read

The Only Solution for the Indian Insurance Market: Voice-based mobility

Over the last 10 years, the value of the Indian insurance industry has grown at a compounded annual ...

Conversational Assistant / 29.01.2013

5 Min Read

The Rise of Voice Biometrics on Mobile Phones

Let’s be honest: most of our lives revolve around our mobile phone. We hold a lot of personal info...