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Conversational Automation / 02.08.2021

5 Min Read

Contact Center Quality Automation Drives Real Value

The pandemic has expedited digital transformation and automation goals across organizations. Contact...

Conversational Automation / 08.07.2021

5 Min Read

Top 5 Questions to Ask your AI Vendor Before You Integrate Them

By Randy Ksar, Uniphore Deciding which artificial intelligence (AI) vendor to partner with can be a...

Conversational Automation / 28.06.2021

5 Min Read

New Cures for Member Experience Problems in Health Insurance

Member satisfaction with health insurers is at its lowest level in five years, according to the Amer...

Conversational Automation / 10.06.2021

5 Min Read

Use This Telecom Playbook to Optimize Customer Experience and Outcomes

Last year when the pandemic hit, telecom services became indispensable for everything from work-from...

Conversational Automation / 07.06.2021

5 Min Read

Increasing IVR Self-Service Rates With AI and NLP

As little as a decade ago, consumers were relatively happy to navigate cumbersome touch-tone systems...

Conversational Automation / 21.05.2021

5 Min Read

Exploring the Exciting Future of AI with IDC's Hayley Sutherland

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been the subject of debates, theories and fantasies. Discussio...

Conversational Automation / 14.04.2021

5 Min Read

Use This Checklist to Choose the Right Solution for Automating After-Call Work

By Vijai Shankar, VP Product Marketing, Uniphore Automating after-call work — categorizing and su...

Conversational Automation / 07.04.2021

5 Min Read

Creating the Business Case for Automating After-Call Work

Think about everything you ask your agents to handle after they conclude an interaction with a custo...