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Conversational Security / 14.02.2017

5 Min Read

Voice Biometrics – A fool-proof Way to Authenticate Users

The need to secure virtual data is getting challenging by each passing day. With the ever-increasing...

Conversational Security / 27.05.2014

Banks in Middle East evaluate Voice Biometrics to solve 21st century cyber threats

Long gone the days of traditional banking where customers wait in long queues just to meet their ban...

Conversational Security / 17.04.2014

Voice Solutions for Next Generation Banking

The modern day customers’ demands are growing beyond regular online, phone and mobile banking serv...

Conversational Security / 07.04.2014

Four ways to transform Customer Contact Center Interactions

Globally, contact centers are viewed as cost centers – while reducing operations cost of the conta...

Conversational Analytics / 17.02.2014

How to build Enterprise Mobile App in 24 hours?

Enterprise Mobility Scenario: Mobile business apps market is set to reach $53bn in 2017, says a lead...

Conversational Security / 30.12.2013

Woes of Last Mile Delivery

The world's largest online retailer, Amazon.com, was quick to realize that the value was shifting fr...

Conversational Analytics / 20.11.2013

5 Min Read

How Enterprise Mobility can Transform Agribusiness

As enterprise mobility becomes increasingly mainstream, we often hear case studies about its impact ...

Conversational Analytics / 15.10.2013

Enterprise Mobility Case Study: IBM

Over the course of three years, IBM piloted mobile access with different devices and operating syste...