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Leadership Conversation / 25.09.2020

5 Min Read

5 LinkedIn Learning Courses for Contact Center Leaders

At Uniphore, learning is a critical element to our culture. We are learning about new technologies t...

Leadership Conversation / 22.06.2020

5 Min Read

Reflections on Challenging Times, How Far We've Come, and Looking Forward to Where We're Going

Every so often, events come together, which causes me to reflect on how we’re doing as an organiza...

Leadership Conversation / 15.05.2020

5 Min Read

The Power of U: Vijai Shankar & the Contact Center Industry

In continuing our blog series on highlighting the voices of Uniphorians, I sat down virtually with o...

Leadership Conversation / 04.04.2020

5 Min Read

The Power of U: 5 Questions with the New Chief Business Officer at Uniphore, Santosh Iyer

This blog is part of our series that highlights the voices of Uniphorians. I sat down, virtually to ...

Leadership Conversation / 30.03.2020

5 Min Read

Meet K G Priya, Vice President of Delivery

In continuation of our employee Q&A series, today we feature K G Priya, VP of Delivery, who...

Leadership Conversation / 12.03.2020

5 Min Read

Meet Mary Ann Bianco, Chief Customer Officer

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we wanted to share with you the...

Leadership Conversation / 17.02.2020

5 Min Read

Deliver Better Customer Service with Front Office Automation for Contact Centers

Have you ever imagined how great it would be if the Customer Care agent from your bank sets the tone...

Leadership Conversation / 17.12.2019

5 Min Read

FOCUS: Building a Successful Global Company

Recently, I had the honor of speaking at Entrepreneur Live’s first Indian edition in Bangalore and...