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Conversational Analytics / 16.10.2019

5 Min Read

Key Takeaways from 2019 Global Survey of Speech Analytics

The fourth edition of our Global Survey of Speech Analytics and Conversational Service Automation - ...

Conversational Analytics / 09.10.2019

5 Min Read

Power of Voice – Are You Truly Listening to Your Customers?

As a brand do you feel you are truly listening to your customers and their voice? Are you able to...

Conversational Analytics / 02.04.2019

5 Min Read

auMina QSense™: Driving Actionable Insights to Enhance Workforce Performance

Conversational AI and analytics are emerging as pivotal technologies to drive holistic people manage...

Conversational Analytics / 19.02.2019

5 Min Read

Speech Analytics Market is at an Inflection Point

The Conversational Analytics market in the US is seeing a paradigm shift. The market has evolved fro...

Conversational Analytics / 13.12.2018

5 Min Read

Conversational Analytics can uncover Real Insights

Conversational AI is expected to transform the customer service engagement journey. Whether it is in...

Conversational Analytics / 26.11.2018

5 Min Read

Opus Report 2018: Enabling Seamless CX is the Top Most Reason for Deploying Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics has moved away from the must-have list to mainstream acceptance with 82% deployment...

Conversational Analytics / 24.09.2018

Tips to Harness the Power of Conversational Analytics During the Early Stage of Deployment

Scott Belsky, co-founder of online portfolio platform Behance Inc said, “It is not about ideas, bu...

Conversational Analytics / 11.09.2018

Gearing up for Speech Analytics Deployment? Here is What You Need to Know

The speech Analytics market share has seen exponential growth in recent years – with just 24 imple...