Promotional Terms for Q for Sales Campaign

Promotion Period

The promotion period shall run until discontinued by Uniphore in its sole discretion (the “Promotion Campaign”) and is only for use and availability in the North America Region (“Qualified Region”). Customers who sign up during the Promotion Campaign will receive License grants to applicable Q-products (“Eligible Products”) for twelve (12) months total. The first six (6) months will be free (“Promotion Period”) and the remaining six (6) months at the price listed in the Purchase Order).

The Offer

Upon signing up for a twelve (12) month term of Eligible Products, Customers will be part of a Promotion Period and receive the Eligible Products at zero charge for the first six (6) moths (“Promotion Period”). Customer shall receive a fifty percent (50%) discounted rate off retail price for the Eligible Product for the last six (6) months through this offer. This discount is contingent on Customer’s purchasing at least the same number of licenses used during the Promotions Period.

Promotion Restrictions

This offer is valid only during the Promotion Period, at Uniphore’s sole discretion. Resellers, public entities, government entities, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, education purchasers, enterprise purchasers, and business purchasers might not qualify, and Uniphore reserves the right to cancel purchases made by such purchasers. If Uniphore determines that you participated in this promotion but were not a qualified purchaser, Uniphore will shut-off access and/or seek reimbursement for the value of the Promotion Product. Election of the offer may require setup of and integration into Customer’s CRM. You may cancel the associated Purchase Order for cause at any time prior to the end of the Promotion Period and not be charged. If you cancel for any reason during the free offer period, you will immediately lose access to the Product.  Customer cannot reactivate this promotion upon cancellation by Customer for any reason. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Customer agrees that the purchase, license and use of the Eligible Product(s) set forth in this Promotion shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions for Q for Sales located at:, as in effect and amended from time to time. Customer also agrees that Uniphore and its Affiliates and Subcontractors will process personal data as defined in the Data Processing Addendum available at, as in effect and amended from time to time. By purchasing, using or otherwise accessing the Product, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and all Order Forms and policies incorporated herein by reference (the “Agreement”).
  • Uniphore may terminate this Q for Sales Campaign Promotion, any associated Order Forms and/or discontinue Q for Sales products at any time during the Promotion Period in its sole discretion for any reason (or no reason) and makes no commitment to make the Q for Sales products commercially available after the Promotion period.
    • If Uniphore cancels during the first six (6) months (“Promotion Period”), Customer shall have no obligation or liability for fees due in the Purchase Order and access to Q for Sales will be shut off. If Uniphore cancels during the Purchase Order Service Term, Customer will receive a pro-rata refund of any unused fees solely if such cancellation is a termination for convenience by Uniphore. If cancellation is due to cause, no refund will be given.
  • Uniphore reserves the right to change, without notice, the terms and conditions of this promotion, or modify or end this promotion at any time without notice.
  • Uniphore does not guarantee that the generally available release of the Q for Sales products will be identical to the Q for Sales Promotion as in existence during this campaign nor that the Q for Sales products will achieve any specific level of performance.
  • Customer acknowledges that the Q for Sales products may contain bugs and defects and agrees to provide Feedback during the Q-Campaign period.
  • Offer is available solely for the Q for Sales products for a limited time and cannot be combined with other Uniphore services, promotions, products, free trials. Order Forms or other Uniphore offers.
  • The prices during Promotional Period are nontransferable and may not be sold, bartered, auctioned, traded or exchanged.
  • Offer void where prohibited by law.
  • This promotion is for the time period specified above and will not auto-renew.