All About John Chamber’s Investment in Uniphore

All About John Chamber’s Investment in Uniphore

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The past week was momentous for Uniphore. John Chambers (Executive Chairman, Cisco) joined us as the “Chief Guru” through his investment in our company.

The day started with a series of media interviews followed by the networking lunch with John Chambers. This saw participation from leading executives and technologists from the Indian corporate world.  John also took time out to interact with Uniphore’s leadership team.

Here is the story as it unfolded.


A lighter moment during the press meet – Umesh Sachdev (Co-founder and CEO, Uniphore Technologies Inc) and John Chambers (Executive Chairman, Cisco)
Welcoming John as the “Chief Guru” with his new business card
Q & A session with the journalists
Co-founder and President-APAC Ravi Saraogi (center) during the CIO meet


John and Umesh interacting with guests at the CIO meet


Umesh and John with Uniphore leadership team
Umesh presents a Memento to John

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