Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19

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To our customers, employees, partners, investors and communities.

We are all experiencing a massively transformational event with the emergence of COVID-19.

I would like to first and foremost send a message of care and support to all those who have been impacted as a result of the current situation. Whether it be an impact on an economic level, the restriction of free movement around your community, or the tremendous loss of a loved one, we are all trying to find ways to move forward as one global community. And rest assured, Uniphore is actively monitoring the situation and doing all we can to help ensure the safety and well-being of our teams and communities, our customers, our investors, and our partners to stop the spread of this virus.

Over the last few days, our customers have come to us and asked us the hard questions faced by their teams and businesses: How do I protect the health and safety of me and my teams while still helping our customers? How do I move my agents to virtual work if and when I need to send them home? How do I keep my business productive and serving our customers? What options do I have to manage the huge number of calls coming into my centers?

As I’ve spoken with many global leaders, I have listened to their concerns and appreciate how they are working through the current realities. In response, I have communicated our approach and I thought I would take a moment here to share with you our focus and commitment to help.

People First

The safety and well-being of our people and our teams is our top concern. As an organization, we are currently following all recommended guidelines issued by WHO and CDC to help limit the impact of this virus. This includes support for remote working from home for our global team, including regular group and company meetings. Additionally, managers are in daily communication with their teams and staying up to date, not just on workstreams but more importantly, the health and wellbeing of our team. This is what’s necessary to be part of the solution and not the cause of more challenges.

Additionally, people in Contact Centers around the world are experiencing unprecedented challenges right now. Both existing and potential customers have shared with us the massive impact COVID-19 is having on their business including a significant rise in call volumes, agents needing to work from home and of course, the strain on management to be able to monitor and ensure compliance with current realities.

We understand these present-day realities and while our global teams are following all local regulations and implementing social distancing practices, we remain dedicated to helping our customers solve these problems. As we help more contact centers by leveraging AI, automation, and machine learning, more people are getting the information and the help they need faster and at a lower cost than older, traditional systems can deliver.

Innovation Must Continue

Innovation is the result of people, processes, technology, and resources coming together in new, unique and transformative ways. The COVID-19 outbreak is certainly impacting every critical sector including healthcare, financial services, and government support to name a few. These are such needed resources and our entire team from the executive level to our strategic partners are actively engaging these organizations to gather, analyze, and leverage data in order to create real solutions for these real problems.

We are pleased to see organizations step up to solve these problems in innovative ways. For example, a major insurance customer who was forced to shut down its branches and limit in person contact are now relying on an Intelligent Virtual Assistant that we co-created to handle queries and transactions to effectively serve their customers any time of the day or night.

In another example of leaders coming together to solve hard challenges, we met recently with a well-known brand who was struggling to enable remote agents, given the tight restrictions and regulations on the transmission and storage of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The solution? A cloud based conversational analytics tool that redacts PII in real time before it gets to the agent, allowing the agent to work remote and address customers’ needs, while still being compliant with government regulations.

We Will Stand Together

While COVID-19 requires people to stay physically apart to avoid transmitting the disease, we at Uniphore have put in place a solid business continuity plan and remain focused on staying close with our employees, customers, government agencies, partners, investors, and other industry leaders. As we press forward and work together to solve the massive challenges of keeping global contact centers functioning and effective, people everywhere will be empowered to better navigate our current realities.

We stand ready to collaborate with you in these difficult times. We can and will bring together a team of experts who will listen to your unique challenges and will work tirelessly to design a solution that will help you during this challenging time. We commit to bringing you our latest breakthroughs in automation and AI capabilities, saving you money, and delivering a better and more efficient customer experience not just for this current need, but for whatever comes next.

As we work together to prioritize the safety and well-being of our loved ones, I know we will come out stronger and better as people. Together, we will persevere. Feel free to click HERE to engage with us. We stand together – ready and able to help.

Best Regards,

Umesh Sachdev
Co-founder and CEO

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