Transforming Customer Experience Through a Strategic Partnership

Transforming Customer Experience Through a Strategic Partnership

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Today’s customers have high expectations for a frictionless customer experience (CX). To be successful, organizations need to adapt to a rapidly evolving customer service landscape and can do so with advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence and automation, supporting expert agents.

Firstsource and Uniphore have formed a strategic partnership to bring new capabilities to global contact centers. The partnership aims to bring fresh, innovative CX capabilities and ensure businesses stay relevant and ahead of their competition.

Firstsource is applying Uniphore’s platform as a component to its Digitally Empowered Contact Center (DECC). The solution offers businesses a vision of the future of customer service and the path to get there.

According to Venkatgiri Vandali, President, Health Plan and Healthcare Services, Firstsource, The business landscape is changing rapidly, and organizations need to deliver new and innovative CX capabilities to stay ahead constantly. Firstsource’s DECC solutions fuelled by Uniphore’s Conversational Service Automation platform will help clients deliver seamless customer experiences that will become a strategic advantage for them and positively impact their bottom line.

42% of customer service representatives cannot efficiently resolve customer issues today due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and multiple applications, as per a Forrester report. In addition to this, agents cannot follow conversations as they are distracted by menial efforts and are busy taking notes to summarize calls. They are also not coached on how to respond conversationally based on a customer’s intent and emotions and often read from a script that comes across to sound more machine than human in terms of conversation.

No matter what industry you are in, your customers expect you to be able to address their needs quickly and efficiently. The combination of Firstsource’s people and process expertise combined with Uniphore’s innovative technology will deliver a truly unique experience. Automation technology helps reduce handle time and delivers a co-pilot like assistance to associates to address customer needs.” according to Umesh Sachdev, CEO and Co-founder of Uniphore.

If businesses want to not only survive but thrive, they need to find ways to build frictionless customer experiences. This strategic partnership will see the forging together of global expertise, in-depth domain experience, and cutting-edge AI and automation technology to deliver enhanced CX while simultaneously increasing agent productivity. The multi-million dollar, multi-year deal will create tremendous value for enterprises to meet today’s digital-savvy consumers’ needs.

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