U-Self Serve says – How May AI Help You?

U-Self Serve says – How May AI Help You?

As we sprint into 2020, we’re proud to be bringing Uniphore’s U-Self Serve, the intelligent conversational virtual assistant, to the world. At Uniphore, we listened to our customers and happy to say U-Self Serve delivers. The mantra we follow has always been, ‘faster, better, easier’ and U-Self Serve has stepped it up.

Thanks to U-Self Serve, it’s now easier for enterprise customer experience (CX) leaders to set up, optimize and manage digital conversations, delivering better customer experiences.

Work With Uniphore’s U-Self Serve:

So, here’s why you’ll want to work with U-Self Serve:

  • Simplifies and accelerates deployment time
  • Lowers operational cost while delivering a better CX
  • Incorporates advanced learning and training capabilities to improve accuracy and reduce call hand-offs to live agents

For more details and all the tech info on U-Self Serve, please go to our solution page and while there, feel free to request a demo.

Now, to be sure, intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) are nothing new.  In fact, there has been lots of activity in the conversational AI industry recently, including an interesting acquisition announced by ServiceNow which announced an agreement to purchase Passage AI.

Importance of AI to the Enterprise:

We applaud ServiceNow for recognizing the importance of AI to the enterprise and see this move as a strong validation of our strategy to deliver AI, automation and advanced machine learning for a CX market that is ripe for disruption.  For more on Uniphore’s strategic approach, feel free to read our CEO’s blog on Conversational Service Automation and how it will impact enterprise CX.

To truly deliver this next generation experience, there is much to be done.  Enterprises are not looking for stand-alone products. Rather, they need an open and flexible platform that can intelligently and cost-effectively automate processes and help agents deliver better service.

So, say hello to U-Self Serve now and get ready to deliver on the promise of a great customer experience!


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