Meet Uniphore at Philippine International Banking Convention 2014

Meet Uniphore at Philippine International Banking Convention 2014

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Uniphore at Philippine International Banking Convention 2014

To drive growth and innovation in the Philippine banking industry, the Asian Banker is organizing the Philippine International Banking Convention (PIBC) in Manila, on 29th August 2014. In its consecutive fourth year, PIBC is promising to be a place that highlights innovative developments in the banking industry and showcase best practices followed by peers across the world. This event also serves as an eye-opener for bankers to unknot the challenges of financial inclusion, regulatory compliance, sustainability and competitiveness.

This event provides an exclusive opportunity for Uniphore Technologies Inc to meet top executives of banks in the region, and exchange technology and business insights. Uniphore, having established its base in the Philippines market this year, is launching its voice banking solutions at this event. We are displaying our key voice offerings – Voice biometrics, Virtual assistant, Audio Mining and Speech recognition, to unveil its potential to the banking delegates in the region. We help banks provide personalized user experience to its customers through:

  • Voice Biometrics – provides next generation security for the banks to authenticate its customers.
  • Virtual Assistant – an innovative self-service smart phone application that automates the process of delivering information and processing transactions as per customer requests.
  • Audio Mining – mine recorded customer interactions for specific keywords or phrases, helps banks in detecting fraud and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Speech Recognition – helps phone banking applications to understand customer requests and carry out natural, human-like conversations with customers and process the requests.

Vijay Anand, Uniphore’s Voice Consultant based out of Manila, Philippines says, “We are very excited to participate in PIBC14, as this is the first event we are sponsoring this year in the Philippines region. Uniphore helps banks reduce cost of revenue through back end modernization, improved security, increased customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Our solutions can help dramatically improve process effectiveness, which can deliver up to five times the end business impact, with respect to cash flow and margins. Our solutions also boosts customer satisfaction through innovative and intelligent customer interactions”.

PIBC floor plan

Uniphore is pleased to invite banking delegates to our booth P4 located close to the F&B station. We are also hosting one-to-one meetings at our booth to provide demonstrations on our voice offerings. To meet us, pick any of the following modes that suit you:

  • Mail to to book appointments for one-to-one consulting sessions at our booth.
  • Call our Philippines sales office at +63 9164084885 and fix appointments for the meeting.
  • Walk into our booth P4 to have an insightful discussion with our delegates at the event.

For more information about this event, drop a note to me at

About Uniphore: Uniphore Technologies Inc is the leader in Multi lingual speech-based software solutions. Uniphore’s solutions allow any machine to understand and respond to natural human speech, thus enabling humans to use the most natural of communication modes, speech, to engage and instruct machines. Uniphore operates from its corporate headquarters at IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai, India and has sales offices in Middle East (Dubai, UAE) as well as in Manila, Philippines.

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