Uniphore Launches Advanced Version of its Speech Analytics Software

Uniphore Launches Advanced Version of its Speech Analytics Software

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U-Analyze 2.4 drives business outcomes by addressing core business issues.

Chennai, 12 October2016: Uniphore Technologies Inc, a Chennai-based Speech Recognition Solutions Company, today announced the availability of the next version of their popular speech analytics solution, U-Analyze. U-Analyze version 2.4 introduces first of its kind innovation of business packs, specifically designed to drive a set of business outcomes by providing predictive and prescriptive insights from data. The latest version enables quicker value realization through faster and standardized deployments by leveraging intelligence gained from multiple deployments. This release introduces 2 new business packs: the voice of customer analytics pack and a banking industry pack.

    • The voice of customer analytics pack will drive richer customer engagement by predicting a customer’s intent of call.
    • The banking industry pack will address business outcomes of reducing risk of non-collection, increase cross sell and upsell effectiveness, enhance customer experience and increase contact centre efficiency through workforce optimization.

Business packs include pre-built industry aligned KPIs and metrics that will help enterprises realise their business outcomes faster without a lengthy discovery phase.
Additional features of this new release include an enhanced ability to perform root cause analysis on data and a refined emotion detection capability.


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