Uniphore to present on ‘Next Generation Indian Agriculture’ at Agri Intex 2014

Uniphore to present on ‘Next Generation Indian Agriculture’ at Agri Intex 2014

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Agri Intex 2014, a holistic event by Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (CODISSIA) to drive innovation for agricultural development in India. Agri Intex Conference and Fair is a business-to-business summit that binds key decision makers, industry stakeholders, techno partners, government policy makers, academicians, vendor companies and agribusinesses of all scales. Last year’s event was a mega success with footfalls peaking to 123,159 people. This year, the 14th edition of South India’s largest International Agri Expo aims at bettering the previous records by holding nearly 220 exhibitors and 7 iconic presenters to spice-up the venue.

Uniphore Technologies Inc, being a technology partner for renowned agri businesses and government institutions, is having its fair share in this year’s event as an industry speaker. Mr. Ravi Saraogi, COO of Uniphore Technologies Inc, is presenting the seminar on ‘How Speech Recognition technology is transforming today’s agriculture in India’ at 4.15 PM on 19th July 2014.

“Today, speech recognition is considered as one of the disruptive technologies that makes huge impact in agriculture, banking, insurance, retail and manufacturing industries. In India, where 70% of the country’s population is involved in the agriculture industry, speech recognition technology has started playing a critical role in increasing agriculture productivity through user friendly speech solutions” says Ravi Saraogi. He also adds that “this seminar presentation will highlight the key roles played by speech analytic solutions in Agriculture Industry”.

The key take-aways from the seminar are:

  • Overview on Speech recognition technologies
  • Challenges in agriculture industry
  • Sample use cases – why agribusinesses need speech recognition technologies?
  • Case study on how a leading agri business effectively boosted its farmer communication using Uniphore’s Contact Center Automation solutions.

How to get in touch with us:

  • Mail us at [email protected] to book appointments for one-to-one consulting sessions at the Agri Intex Conference.
  • Click here to book your seat for the conference by registering with Agri Intex.

For more info on the event or to contact the organizers visit https://agriintex.codissia.com/.

About Uniphore: Uniphore Technologies Inc is the leader in Multi lingual speech-based software solutions. Uniphore’s solutions allow any machine to understand and respond to natural human speech, thus enabling humans to use the most natural of communication modes, speech, to engage and instruct machines. Uniphore operates from its corporate headquarters at IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai, India and has sales offices in Middle East (Dubai, UAE) as well as in Manila, Philippines.


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