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Jacada’s product development and go-to-market strategy is focused on automating customer service operations. It is a pioneer in delivering unified RPA and conversational AI capabilities and has a differentiated value proposition for organizations looking to automate and optimize processes across the customer service value chain.
Amardeep Modi
Practice Director

What is Contact Center Automation?

Contact center automation is the practice of automating as much of a process as can be and should be automated to simplify a live customer interaction.

Contact center automation results in a streamlined customer interaction. The customer feels that they are being assisted either in self-service mode, or in an assisted-service mode, wherein the customer may have engaged a contact center agent.
Contact center automation applies best practices from hyperautomation, digital process automation, conversational AI and robotic process automation to overcome typical challenges in integrating disparate systems and processes particularly prevalent in the contact center and customer experience ecosystem.

Why Contact Center Automation Matters Now?

What barriers stop you from running your
dream contact center?
Lack of Technology Integration
(just behind budget constraints)
Call Centre Helper Survey Fall 2020

Make that dream come true with contact center automation. There’s a good chance we’ve integrated with what’s running your contact center and customer experience.

Together, we can make contact center and CX integration challenges a thing of the past. Read on to learn why Jacada is the most trusted name in contact center automation.

Show Me the Money in Contact Center Automation

Your contact center is complex and your CX stack is only getting more diverse. Harmonize silos and elevate your CX with real-time assistance using low-code contact center automation.

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5 Benefits of Low Code Contact Center Automation

The Jacada Difference

Integrate Using Web Services

Easily build integration points that consume your existing REST and SOAP web services, using a step-by-step wizard. Test the integrations and approve them so that business analysts, without any programming skills, can leverage your new integration points across several customer engagement and agent assist use cases in a point and click no-code designer.

Integrate With Database Interfaces and Custom APIs

Don’t have a SOAP or REST service yet? Is your IT team too busy working on other critical priorities? No problem. Jacada’s automation platform includes the Node.js toolkit that empowers developers to wrap up custom systems interfaces, database interfaces, and legacy APIs into reusable web services, adding on to your services-oriented architecture without burdening your IT team.

Integrate Through the User Interface With Robotic Process Automation

Don’t have custom APIs either? No problem. Jacada is a pioneer in robotic process automation and has integrated with every system from mainframes, legacy thick client platforms, and the most modern web apps. Use the no-code designer to develop RPA automation sequences and expose them as reusable RESTful services. Mix and match RPA powered services with other integration services to hyperautomate the contact center.

Integrate With Knowledge Bases

67.4% of requests handled in the contact center today are complex requests that require knowledge intensive work involving some form of root cause analysis. 56% of agents say that the most challenging aspect of their job is handling such complex customer requests.
While knowledge management is seen as the #1 tool for workplace productivity, contact centers aren’t satisfied with the status quo and are aggressively modernizing the way in which knowledge is imparted to agents in a desperate effort to assist contact center agents more.
According to Gartner, 70% of all learning should happen on the job to ensure that employees are able to drive better outcomes as much as they learn. Jacada helps organizations fulfill this goal through our agent assist. With streamlined workflows, intelligent virtual agents and RPA bots that orchestrate processes, answer questions, and automate tasks, the agent is now able to learn on the job, while perfecting each customer interaction through these real-time assistance capabilities.

Integrate with Digital Content Management Platforms & Mobile Apps

According to Gartner, 65% of customer interactions that start on digital channels end up being resolved in an agent-led channel. You know your customers are expecting to easily switch channels and benefit from a connected customer journey.
You don’t have to wait for your contact center platforms to integrate with your digital platforms. Jacada offers a completely services-oriented context store that helps your customers start an interaction on your digital platforms, pause and resume those interactions with or without the support of your contact center agents on any other channel or modality at a time of their choice.
Jacada tracks the customer’s actions within your digital platform using a client-side library (tag) and stores relevant data in the context store so that the context outlives the customer interaction to deliver connected customer journeys. The client-side library can be embedded within your website or mobile app in a non-intrusive manner that doesn’t burden your IT teams.
Alternatively, your IT team may also call data flows, built using Jacada’s no-code designer, to send customer interaction info straight to our context store, rather than relying on our interaction and event tracking capabilities.

Integrate With Voice Platforms

Ensure that every call that comes into your contact center leverages the rich context gathered from the customer’s previous digital interactions. Right from the initial greeting on your IVR to the fast and effective resolution of the customer’s request, show that you are connecting the dots, so your customers don’t have to.
Jacada provides RESTful APIs that your IVR and agent desktop systems can call upon to gather all the context needed to deliver those WOW moments.
Besides effortless channel switching, if you are looking to deflect calls you’re your contact center, Jacada’s got you covered. We offer both conversational IVR and visual IVR capabilities that complement your existing voice platform. Your team can be up and running with a modern voice experience that exploits unconventional yet proven ways to boost self-service and NPS in weeks.

Automate Email Interactions

It so happens that Email overtook Voice as the most used channel in 2020.
As simple as it is, a timely email with clear guidance on the next best actions that a customer should take can avoid the next issue and deliver WOW moments in the customer journey.
Enable your business analysts to process various scenarios in the context of live customer data and business rules. With canned email templates with live and personalized links to next best actions, ensure that you own the next steps in the customer journey, and that your customer can benefit from a connected customer journey should they choose to contact you regarding the email.
What’s more, with live API based integration to your campaign management or journey management systems, ensure that you are not creating another silo even as you look to automate the next steps in the customer journey.

Integrate with Messaging Platforms

72.8% of organizations either already offer or are planning to offer customer service over messaging to meet customers where they are and engage in asynchronous conversations on their own terms.
While the ability for one agent to engage multiple customers simultaneously is often cited as a business case benefit, the amount of context switching the multitasking agent needs to do will soon surface as a challenge, especially as more and more customers prefer messaging over the other 7 channel options provided by businesses today. These developments underscore the importance of a well thought out integration and automation strategy that works for customers as well as agents engaged in asynchronous conversations over messaging.
Jacada integrates with your preferred chat and messaging platform. We can recommend one if you don’t have a clear favorite. Besides integrating with the messaging platform to avail an agent when support’s needed, Jacada provides intelligent virtual agents to front-end these conversations in a context sensitive manner and supports contact center agents with an agent assist that automates tasks and guides agents on next best actions.

Integrate With Personal Assistant Platforms

Jacada’s automation platform serves as middleware for best of breed conversational AI services so that you can build intelligent virtual agents that can be deployed on the various personal assistant platforms without requiring a siloed effort to build the skills you’re planning to launch on these emerging platforms.

5 Ways to Use Contact Center Automation

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