Planning to sign up for Speech Analytics? Here is our Checklist for Selecting the Right Vendor

Planning to sign up for Speech Analytics? Here is our Checklist for Selecting the Right Vendor

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Often, organizations select the right technology but end up selecting the wrong vendor resulting in a less than the satisfactory execution of the technology. This further leads to undesirable outcomes and mismatched results and may even dissuade management from going ahead with the full-scale implementation.

Before signing up for Speech Analytics on a full-scale, it is important for organizations to have a checklist in place.  Selecting the right vendor is crucial because going with a wrong one may not only result in adverse outcomes but may put a question mark on whether the technology should be adopted in the first place.

To make things easier, here is our checklist to help select the right vendor.


Achieve Objectives

Can the vendor help achieve analytics objectives specific to your contact center? Define your objectives and see if the vendor is aligned with these and can help you achieve these through the Speech Analytics solution. Objectives can include but are not limited to – Optimising revenue, reduce customer churn, improving collections efforts etc.

Set Vendor Selection Criteria 

Setting criteria is the next step and this will help you define parameters on which the vendors can be ranked and selected. Having a set of criteria in place will make the job of choosing the right vendor easier and quicker. Criteria can be but are not exclusive to – vendor’s understanding of your objectives, quality of delivery, vendor reputation, and experience in your industry etc.

Offers a Comprehensive Solution

There are top notch solutions in the market, but not all of them help solve issues pertaining to your Contact Center. What matters is if the vendor can provide a comprehensive solution that will help solve business issues through specific business insights. Can it be deployed and managed both on-premise and on the cloud?

Agility and Scalability 

Is the vendor capable of customized solution for your specific requirements? Some vendors will have one standard solution for all kinds of needs regardless of industry and issues. It is important to check if the vendor can customize a solution that fits current needs and can be scalable for the future. Also, the vendor must provide a flexible solution, one that is easy to deploy and integrable with existing software and hardware set up.

The Speed of Delivering Business Insights 

Many vendors might qualify for providing a good Speech Analytics solution. But how many can actually come up with a solution that can throw up valuable insights quickly enough for decision-makers to introduce changes? The speed of delivering business insights can provide a significant competitive edge to help the organization execute better change management solutions.

Support and Training 

Speech Analytics implementation will be ineffective without proper vendor support. A good Speech Analytics vendor should offer a Proof of Concept (POC) to help you and your team understand the solution. Aspects such as the number of languages supported, training and certification, provision of dedicated Business Analytics go a long way in ensuring the implementation yields the desired results.

A Proof of Concept is essential to realize the future potential of any Speech Analytics solution. Having the checklist will prepare you well to first enlist and then select the right vendor to help achieve your Contact Center achieve its business objectives both in terms of improved CX and better revenue and most importantly, an ROI as per expectations.  

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