These 5 Best Practices Can Take Your Customer Service Automation to The Next Level

These 5 Best Practices Can Take Your Customer Service Automation to The Next Level

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The customer is always right. How many times have we heard that! Various advancements in technology over the years have seen customer-service interactions get transformed majorly and reach heights that were never attained before.

Companies are always on the lookout for ways to add conversational interfaces to static self-service content and the demands of customers are on the rise. Let us have a look at some of the ways in which customer-service automation can be taken to the next level.


Establishing the right channels

It is necessary to remember and understand the lifestyles of different customers. While a younger person may be technologically sound and prefer the online approach, the same cannot be said about senior citizens. They prefer to have face-to-face interactions or at least a voice call. It is essential to automate channel selection as per the target market.

Voice biometrics

It has been a while now that cars and mobile phones have been able to understand the human voice and what it is saying. A more recent development has been the fact that automated systems can now understand who the voice belongs to as well. That is the key to customer-service automation. This will play a very important role in fields where consumers are in high numbers.

Merging service channels

It does not make sense to have half conversations with an automated system and the remaining with a human or vice versa. Reports in the past have shown that 72% of people blame lousy customer service due to the repetition of the same content on multiple channels or to people.

Systems testing

It is a necessity that must be conducted on a regular basis to ensure there is an optimum utilization of resources. Anything that needs fixing can be attended to at the earliest possible instance and anything which is of no use can be eliminated to clear out space for more important things. Auto-collection of feedback is one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary loopholes.

Text interactions

A positive side of text-based interaction is that the customer can reply conveniently. One does not have to worry about getting bothered by untimely service calls. With the number of mobile phone users estimated to cross 5 billion by 2019, this seems an extremely viable option, especially down the funnel.

Companies have suffered huge losses by not paying enough attention to the needs of their target customers, especially as they keep changing with the times. But technologies like voice-based automation and chatbots have always come to the fore when providing people, and businesses alike, with simpler and easier ways to get things done.

These best practices can be incomplete without a proper analysis of what your customer is trying to say. Click to access our whitepaper publication which highlights the pivotal role played by speech analytics in offering insights from customer interactions.

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