What’s Trending in the World of Voice Biometrics

What’s Trending in the World of Voice Biometrics

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Biometrics authentication is widely used today as a form of identification. This authentication, recognition, or identification is based on certain physiological or behavioral characteristics.

To determine the identity of a person using Biometric identification, any or a combination of these physiological or behavioral characteristics are compared to the sample saved in the database. These characteristics can be fingerprints, facial recognition, retina scans, hand geometry, voice sample etc.

Biometric technology is fast gaining grounds and within this technology, Voice Biometrics is trending due to the flexible and software-based nature. If you are thinking that an impersonator can copy the voice of a person, then you are completely wrong. A person can mimic the pitch, quality or intonation, but physiological features like larynx structure, the position of the vocal cord etc. are unique features. It is these features that make the voice of any person as unique as the fingerprint or the retina.

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The top emerging trends that are driving the global voice recognition biometrics are:

In Multimodal Biometrics: Voice recognition is widely used in multimodal biometrics these days. Multimodal biometrics is when we combine two or more biometric technologies to verify the identity of a person. To safeguard the interests of the individuals, multimodal biometrics is a preferred mode as it ensures better accuracy.

In Banking Industry: Using voice samples along with facial or fingerprint identification is considered better by organizations for the safety, security, and engagement of their customers.

In the banking sector where security is of utmost importance, pairing voice biometrics with facial recognition is fast becoming a norm. This is because the two together bolster the multi-factor system with one adding an additional authentication layer to the other. While the sophisticated statistical algorithm compares the voice with the stored sample in the database, the face recognition software can see your mouth moving. The right combination of these two then displays the result on the screen of the operator as ‘authentication successful’ and you are allowed to proceed with your banking requirements.

In Automotive Sector: This technology is gaining traction in this sector because it is convenient and affordable. It is widely getting implemented in navigation, telematics, roadside assistance, video transmission, infotainment, and making automated calls during the emergencies.

In Wearables: The technology is finding its way into wearable devices like smartwatches, ear-pods, bands etc. These wearable biometric identification devices having varied biometric authentication capabilities are widely deployed in many industry verticals like health and medicine, law enforcement agencies, education, banking and finance etc.

Will these emerging trends significantly impact the market or not is still to be seen, but right now this technology shows immense potential and promise of a secure future for cyber security.




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