6 ways U-Analyze and U-Trust can help your organization combat online fraud

6 ways U-Analyze and U-Trust can help your organization combat online fraud

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To brace against online fraud involving call center operations, enterprises are ensuring their call center defense is more secure. Evolving from the usage of traditional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions, call centers today are using advanced solutions like Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics to ensure fraudulent activities are negated.

Uniphore’s Speech Analytics solution ‘U-Analyze’ and its Voice Biometrics solutions ‘U-Trust’ are just such Speech Recognition offerings helping enterprises tackle the menace of contact center frauds by safeguarding consumer data.

Combat Online Fraud
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Key Features of U-Analyze – Speech Analytics

1: 100% coverage of calls in multiple languages: Uniphore’s Speech Analytics solution ‘U-Analyze’ ensures that every inbound and outbound call is tracked at all times. U-Analyze offers 100% call coverage across 80 global languages (including 17 Indian languages) with multiple dialects ensuring every contact center interaction call is tracked using its advanced keyword spotting and Speech Analytics solutions. The Dynamic Language Switching and Recognition (DSLR) feature of U-Analyze also helps track multiple language conversations with ease. This ensures there is no omission in the enterprise’s customer interaction tracking ability.

2: Comprehensive check for compliance and script adherence: U-Analyze ensures that the contact center agents follow all the prescribed protocols by following all in-house compliance and industry standards regulations. U-Analyze spots customer interactions where agents fail to follow the stipulated procedures, helping Contact Center managers in ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines including use of disclaimers.

3: Early detection and early warning of fraud: The use of smart keyword recognition by U-Analyze along with customer sentiment analysis using its patented keyword spotting and voice analysis helps the organizations with early detection of possible fraud. The keyword spotting technology of U-Analyze helps build smart Management Information System (MIS) reports to identify and prevent any fraudulent activity before it occurs.

Key Features of U-Trust – Voice Biometrics

1: Easy and fast voice print authentication: U-Trust, Uniphore’s smart user authentication tool, makes use of advanced Voice Biometrics to ensure no unauthorized user can breach the contact center’s defenses. The use of 32 unique elements of a consumer’s behavioral and physiological voice pattern allows U-Trust to achieve a high accuracy irrespective of the language used by the consumer. This provides for stronger authentication processes.

2: Remote authentication: U-Trust allows users to remotely authenticate with an average timeline of 15 seconds. This makes it faster and more secure than manual agent user authentication based on knowledge-based questions or PINs.

3: Seamless integration: U-Trust can be seamlessly integrated without escalating costs for the enterprise. U-Trust comes with an enterprise or cloud-based API that can be deployed over IVR enabling accessibility from a basic feature phone.

Speech Recognition offerings like U-Analyze and U-Trust are cost-effective solutions blocking any unauthorized access and ensuring protection from possible online fraud, thus offering iron-clad safety for consumer data at all times.

To get a comprehensive understanding of how Speech Recognition technology helps companies ensure compliance and prevent fraud, read our Whitepaper publication.

For a demo or further information on how we can help integrate voice offerings into your fraud prevention strategy, write in at susheel_ext@uniphore.com 




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