Building Customer Trust with Secure Interactions

Building Customer Trust with Secure Interactions

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The pandemic that wreaked havoc in the global economy early last year is still an existential threat. Businesses had to go through a mandatory and painful restructuring just to stay afloat. The need for digital transformation was never more urgent. Contact centers were overwhelmed as the world quickly transitioned to digital channels to conduct business and stay connected. Customer trust was front and center to deliver good customer service.

Customer Trust with Voiceprint Security

Experts have cautioned that there is no going back to the pre-COVID era. Digital transformation underway within organizations will only get accelerated in the future. Today, contact centers, regardless of the industry, are being managed by agents and supervisors logging in remotely. Securing customer data and building trust in a decentralized setup becomes more crucial than ever.

Using voiceprints or voice biometrics to authenticate agents seamlessly can help brands deliver a secure customer experience. With voiceprint technology, you can drive seamless, ongoing agent verification with zero friction and no additional software. When agents answer customer calls, the voice is verified in real-time in the entire duration of the shift. The agent supervisors can be alerted in real-time in the event of a failed verification.

Authenticating remote agents on an ongoing basis not only improves trust but helps in adhering to regulatory compliance and augmenting security best practices. All it takes is less than a minute to enroll a new agent to authenticate. You can then verify the agent seamlessly, automatically, and continuously during calls with no active agent involvement. That way, the remote agent verification process does not encumber the customer service being delivered.

With voiceprint technology, there is no need for specialized software on the agent desktop and there is no additional maintenance cost involved.

With Uniphore U-Trust, contact centers can seamlessly authenticate their agents with zero friction and for entire duration of the shift. Uniphore U-Trust supports passive verification with high accuracy, thus working in the background and not storing PII, while being agile enough to alert the supervisor in the event of a failed verification. Learn more about U-Trust now.

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