Voice Biometrics – A fool-proof Way to Authenticate Users

Voice Biometrics – A fool-proof Way to Authenticate Users

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The need to secure virtual data is getting challenging by each passing day. With the ever-increasing threat to critical information such as customer data, IT managers are exploring newer technologies to secure the infrastructure. A “fallout” is most likely to occur at the authentication level. There have been hundreds of instances where access to systems was compromised by impersonators and fraudsters after gaining unauthorized access.

This proliferation has led to losses of millions of dollars and legal hassles, that are best not discussed. For the organization, these instances often lead to down gradation of market value and erosion of trust. As technology gets smarter, it’s paramount for companies to embrace newer offerings. One such technology witnessing heavy-duty innovation is Voice Biometrics. This paper will talk about how an organization can benefit from this sub-product of Speech Recognition Technology to cut down information security hassles and improve customer satisfaction.

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