DeepBrain AI and Uniphore

Synthetic Human Avatars

The App Alliance Partnership between Uniphore and DeepBrain AI combines Uniphore’s AI and automation-driven technology with DeepBrain digital avatars to deliver synthetic human conversation. Uniphore and DeepBrain jointly create humanized customer experiences and improve user engagement and conversion rates.

Together, we are working toward

Humanized Conversational Automation Solutions

Engaging users through familiar faces

Problems We Solve

DeepBrain AI extends Uniphore’s solutions to engage users by providing a true-to-life synthesized human interface to customer service agents and chat services.  Users may choose from or be automatically matched with the synthesized human with which they may be most comfortable conversing.  Organizations that use Uniphore and DeepBrain AI solutions notice an improvement in engagement, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates.

Problem: Digital Alienation
With the rise of technology and digital transformation, digital alienation has become a key problem with customer experience across industries.

Solution: AI Humans provide a unique solution to this very problem by providing a human avatar as the face of your digital interface.

Problem: Engagement Atrophy Through Immunity
Users and consumers are increasingly immune to content, causing a steady decline in engagement rates.

Solution: Studies show that anthropomorphism increases engagement and conversion rates. DeepBrain’s AI Humans add this facet to automated systems.

Problem: Stagnant Conversion Rates
Standard interactions lead to standard conversion rates with no improvement.

Solution: Human avatars engage people and lead to a 3x improvement in conversion rates.

Business Benefits:

Uniphore and DeepBrain AI offer conversational AI solutions that complement each other, creating a more life-like solution and enhancing customer experience with proven results, including:

2x to 3x or more increase in conversion rate

Up to 67% growth in revenue

Up to 70% reduction in production costs

Improvement in customer engagement & experience

DeepBrain AI Human: Synthetic Human Avatars

DeepBrain AI Human avatars provide true-to-life human interfaces for your digital engagement.  DeepBrain has won awards at CES, NAB, and T-Mobile Events.

Customers that implement DeepBrain AI Humans see:

Improved Engagement
Reduced Costs
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Higher Conversion Rates
Increased Brand Loyalty

Uniphore: Where every conversation is truly heard and understood.

Uniphore is the global leader in Conversational Automation. We have built the most comprehensive and powerful platform that combines conversational AI, emotion AI and robotic process automation (RPA) with a business user-friendly UX in a single integrated platform to transform and democratize customer experiences across industries.

Uniphore has earned awards from some of the top technology research and consulting companies, including:

Industries & Use Cases Supported

DeepBrain puts a human face to your digital customer interface, whether this be on web, PC, mobile, kiosk, or digital sign.  Anywhere your users interact with a screen, DeepBrain can humanize it.

Check‑in Kiosk
Digital CSR
In-Room Concierge
Instructional Avatar
Conversational Talent
Retail & Restuarants DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon
Hospitality DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon
Healthcare DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon
Aviation & Transportation DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon
Banking & Financial DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon
Education & Training DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon
Media & Broadcasting DeepBrain AI Icon
Sports & Specialty DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon DeepBrain AI Icon


Above is a list of use cases for DeepBrain conversational avatars by industry. Below are more details on these use cases.

Check-in Kiosks

Digital Customer Service Rep (CSR)

In-Room Concierge

Instructional Avatar

Conversational Talent

Find out more about
DeepBrain AI industry use cases.

CONCLUSION: Partnering for Humanized Customer Service

Uniphore and DeepBrain AI have united as Partners to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Uniphore Conversational Service Automation platform uses AI to hear what service agents might miss, including emotion and intent.

DeepBrain AI enables the world’s leading organizations to humanize digital communication with customers with Human AI.

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