• ConferenceAug 24, 2021

    Enterprise Connect 2021

    CX in 2021 and Beyond: Delivering Next-Gen Customer Experiences At Scale Modern companies must transform their customer experiences (CX) in order to thrive and succeed in the post-pandemic world. Organizations need to adopt emerging technologies to...

  • ConferenceAug 24, 20211 min read

    CCAP: Contact Islands Philippines

    Focus Area #1- Global Industry Overview The IT-BPM industry has undergone significant changes due to the impact of COVID-19. From bouncing back from reduced productivity levels to showing signs of recovery, the sector continues to learn and...

  • ConferenceJul 26, 20211 min read

    World AI and RPA Show

    The World AI & RPA Show brings together leaders from a variety of client-facing enterprises to discuss the important role AI plays in developing a superior customer-focused business. Catch Ravi Saraogi, President APAC, Uniphore, sharing his...

  • ConferenceJul 26, 2021

    CX in 2021 and Beyond: Delivering Next-Gen CX at Scale

    Transformational customer experiences (CX) are the common foundation that modern companies must provide to thrive and succeed in the post pandemic world. With organizations ramping up to meet their customer demands, emerging technologies including...

  • ConferenceMay 19, 2021

    Intelligent Automation and Robotic Processes 2021

    Businesses today are looking to monitor and analyze their customer-agent interactions to ensure optimum efficiency in the contact center however quality assurance is impossible to examine manually when receiving large volumes of calls. Catch Jafar H...

  • ConferenceMay 19, 20211 min read

    Contact Atlantic Conference & Trade Show 2021

    Conversational AI and automation technologies have become mission critical for contact centers to manage increased call volume while still delivering a superior customer experience. Through the pandemic it became clear that human to human...

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