World AI and RPA Show

World AI and RPA Show

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The World AI & RPA Show brings together leaders from a variety of client-facing enterprises to discuss the important role AI plays in developing a superior customer-focused business.

Catch Ravi Saraogi, President APAC, Uniphore, sharing his insights on transforming the customer experience through AI & RPA. He will discuss about ‘The Impacts of AI and RPA on the Customer Experience’ at the event.

Key takeaways from the session:

  • How does content personalization, through the use of AI, drive predictive analytics and improve your long-term customer retention?
  • The evolution of voice technology & conversational AI: stepping into the spotlight
  • Is the use of machine learning to gain insights into the customers’ user behavior, preferences, and feedback, truly allowing a more customer- focused experience?
  • Matching customers with their next possible sale is one area in which AI-enhanced customer experience management has been a trailblazer.
  • What do you see as the next key area AI will be applied to increase overall customer satisfaction?
  • Extracting actionable insights from customer interactions across all channels.

Check out the Uniphore Virtual Booth at the event.

Save the date and time: 3:30pm – 4:15pm GST, 25th August 2021.

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