AA-ISP Digital Now Summit

Keep your sales performance on course with conversational intelligence 2.0

Chicago, Illinois

April 18th - 20th, 2023

Improve Your B2B Sales Game with AI

B2B sales is a lot like golf. Both require a deep understanding of the situation and the ability to adapt to changing conditions. Only, instead of reading the green for flatness, slope and obstacles, B2B sellers must read the room for situational, emotional and conversational cues to make accurate decisions. AI is making it easier for digital sales teams to turn customer cues into actionable insights that can close deals, drive revenue and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships. Join Uniphore at the 2023 AA-ISP Digital Now Summit to learn how sellers like you are improving their B2B sales game with AI. 


“The Unconsidered Needs of Shifting from Field to Virtual Sales” 

Sylvain Tremblay


Get a look at the results of a recent survey of sales professionals and buyers around the value of emotional intelligence in sales conversations.


People still buy from people. Learn how IQ and EQ are enabling real-world companies to win at virtual sales. 


“How Revenue Teams can Leverage AI to Win—Today”  

Marie Brunet

VP of Sales at Uniphore

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in sales has revolutionized the way businesses approach customer engagement, lead generation, and sales forecasting. This revolution brings with it a lot of questions, and even worry from reps and leaders on what this means for the future. This panel will explore the impact of AI on sales processes and how it can help sales teams achieve better results while also addressing how their own organizations are approaching, welcoming, and regulating the use of AI.

This panel will discuss:

This is a session you won’t want to miss as it will provide valuable insights into the benefits and limitations of AI in sales and its potential to transform the way businesses engage with customers and drive revenue growth.

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