November 17th, 2022

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

RPM Seafood, Chicago

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Save your seat at the table.

We are here to recognize the challenges revenue teams are facing.

Join in the discussion with fellow leaders in sales, rev ops and enablement for a “no-pitch” night out, compliments of Uniphore.

Hear how revenue teams are closing the gap in understanding, adapting, and engaging modern buyers. Get a chance to share your own experiences and discuss best practices with industry peers.

Conversation topics may include:

  • What can be done to better engage and enable the distracted buyer?
  • How is the hybrid work environment impacting deal velocity and buyer indecision?
  • How can we use technology to help revenue teams adapt, modernize, and accelerate effective virtual sales conversations? 
This is a night you will not want to miss at RPM Seafood. Note that this is an exclusive event for revenue leaders and registering for this event does not guarantee you a ticket.

Meet the Uniphore Team

Marie Brunet

VP of Sales

Sylvain Tremblay


Joshua Edmondson

Director of Sales

Tim Harris

Director of Marketing


Chief Revenue Officers & Sales Leadership

For those that

COVID-19 Guidelines

We are committed to everyone’s health and safety and are closely monitoring the COVID-19 rates to ensure a safe environment for all attendees. Based on the current CDC guidelines and the recommendations in the following states, we plan on holding these events primarily indoors. We ask that you please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms. Masks are encouraged but optional (available at check-in). We will keep you informed if any events should change, however, so please continue to check out our website and your email for updates.