Go Beyond Call Center Coaching with Real-Time Agent Assist

Agent assist software builds agent engagement and proficiency with live call center coaching, training and process optimization.

Agent Engagement Matters

With agent attrition racking up an estimated $91 billion* globally, the true cost of employee disengagement is too high to ignore.

*Based on 17 million call center employees (Gartner data) with an average turnover cost of $14,113 per employee and an estimated disengagement/turnover rate of 38%.

Current agent coaching is leading to customer—and agent—turnover.

Did you know that 63 percent† of customers churn after a bad experience? Don’t blame the agents. They’re as frustrated as customers. In fact, 91 percent said they were likely to quit‡ in a recent survey, with nearly half citing stress and inadequate training. Clearly, current coaching and skill-building methods aren’t doing enough to keep agents from walking out. It’s time to rethink real-time agent coaching—with AI-powered agent assist technology.

Better call center coaching creates—and retains—better agents.

Call center workers are screaming for agent assist solutions to simplify today’s increasingly complex job processes. According to Calabrio, 60 percent say they need better tools to handle the rise in high-effort customer interactions. Real-time call center coaching guides agents through each interaction with live insights and next-best actions to deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences. The result: higher agent performance, engagement and retention.

Our proven agent assist platform supercharges real time coaching.

Today’s leading enterprises rely on Uniphore’s agent assist software to drive employee engagement and performance. And the results speak for themselves: Agent onboarding cut from 6 weeks to 6 days (an 80% reduction) for a global financial BPO. A 50% decrease in after call work effort for a major European telecommunications provider. Average handle time cut by 2 minutes for a healthcare service leader. The list goes on…

Ready to upgrade your call center coaching with a next-gen agent assist?

Check out our Agent Assist eBook to learn how to make your desktop work smarter—so you can make every agent your best agent. Inside, you’ll discover how real-time call center coaching can:

†Call Centre Helper Fall 2020 Survey
‡Enghouse Interactive 2020 Survey