Revolutionizing Customer Service: Embracing Conversational AI for Effortless Self-Service

In a world where consumers seek swift resolutions to their inquiries, self-service has emerged as a transformative solution. Even prior to the pandemic’s long customer service wait times, a surge in interest was evident. A 2021 Gartner survey underscored this trend, revealing that a staggering 71% of customers prefer resolving issues without contacting customer service. The potential for self-service to benefit both companies and customers is immense, with enhanced digital adoption and soaring customer satisfaction metrics.

This guide explores the pivotal role of conversational AI in delivering human-like, seamless self-service interactions. It equips customer experience and contact center leaders with insights into selecting the right conversational self-service solution, demystifying chatbots vs. intelligent virtual assistants, building a compelling business case, evaluating in-house development, and identifying essential capabilities. Discover how a conversational automation platform can revolutionize customer service.

Key topics covered in this guide:

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