Webinar / 26.08.2021

Fulfilling Conversational AI’s Promise in Your Contact Center

Contact centers can deliver superior CX, save costs, and achieve better ROI with AI and automation.

Over a year after the onset of the pandemic, contact centers have stepped up digital transformation plans at scale. To address common challenges, many organizations are turning to artificial intelligence and conversational service automation to deliver better customer experiences and employee efficiencies.

For businesses, AI-powered applications enable time and cost savings, smarter customer services, and efficient CX management, plus reliable, actionable insights that facilitate decision-making.

In this webinar, listen to Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder of Opus Research, Derek Top, research director with Opus Research, and Uniphore senior executive -Vijai Shankar, Vice President, as they discuss key topics facing the future of contact centers, including:

  • Driving CX by enhancing agent productivity (in call, after call, over time)
  • Delivering superior CX (speed, accurate authentication; engaging with virtual assistants)
  • Defining and achieving business objectives (ROI and bottom-line, contact center metrics, newly defined KPIs)
  • Finding the right balance/optimal level between digital and human interactions

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