Research / 11.01.2018

“53% have deployed Speech Analytics for Workforce Optimization”

The second edition of Drivers for Deploying Speech Analytics 2017 by Opus Research, an annual survey commissioned by Uniphore. Opus Research interviewed decision-makers across all continents and varying verticals including Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, BPO, Retail, Consumer Products, Transportation & Travel. The study reveals a robust trend of businesses getting their money’s worth for investment in Speech Analytics.

Key Findings

  • 57% Companies expect Speech Analytics to Increase Sales and Collections
  • 50% of companies cite “discovering the root cause of customer experience failures” as the reason for deploying Speech Analytics Technology
  • Of 500 respondents, 69% see ROI in 12 months of deploying Speech Analytics
  • 53% have deployed Speech Analytics for ‘Workforce Optimization’