Webinar / 29.06.2021

The Evolution of Voicebots – from ‘Concierge’ to ‘Oracle’

Conversational AI is the next frontier in human-machine interaction. Due to recent developments like better AI modelling, faster processing, and bigger training data sets, we are on the cusp of a voicebots revolution. But within this domain there are primarily two categories of solutions:
– The ‘Concierge’ type or the command and control voicebots
– The ‘Oracle’ type that manifests human-like conversations and intuition

Voicebots finally moving beyond the Siri’s and Alexa’s of the world!

Most voicebots overpromise and underdeliver. There is a need to better understand the intent behind human choice of words, the emotions driving conversations, and human expectations from a discussion. Building a functional voicebot by taking these aspects into consideration is a giant leap in conversational AI. That is exactly the purpose of this on-demand webinar.

We have an impressive line-up of expert panelists who will discuss the evolution of voicebots and more.

The Panelists:
– Al Lindsay & Dion Millson, Elerian AI
– Patrick Ehlen, Uniphore
– Jason Curran, Valyant AI

You will learn how Natural Language Understanding (NLU) has enabled machines to be more conversational and intuitive. Find out about the societal and business implications of voicebots becoming as good as humans.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to converse with machines in the same way we talk to humans.