Webinar / 04.09.2020

Winning with Conversational AI and Automation in Remote Contact Centers

We present to you our on-demand webinar on how to win in the customer service industry, titled “Contact centers and Conversational AI – The key to thriving in the contactless world”. It’s a fact that businesses are reinventing their customer service strategies to stay in sync with the changing times. Remote contact centers are more of a norm than an exception today. So, here is a relevant webinar that provides you with a customer service road map to win big in a fast-changing world.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can enable great customer experiences with conversational AI and automation through your remote contact center. We have impressive speakers in this webinar who are thought leaders of conversational AI and veterans of the contact center industry.

Highlights of the webinar:

– Customer service excellence with conversational AI
– Omnichannel customer service for winning big at CX
– Agent capability augmentation in remote contact centers
– Customer engagement strategies for long-term loyal customers

Remember, only customers hold the power to put your business back on the growth track. So, go ahead and watch this on-demand webinar now. Loads of customer service industry insights in store.