5 LinkedIn Learning Courses for Contact Center Leaders

5 LinkedIn Learning Courses for Contact Center Leaders

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LinkedIn Learning Contact Center Recommended Courses

At Uniphore, learning is a critical element to our culture. We are learning about new technologies that can help our products and services as well as learning about communicating across global teams and cultures. This month we embarked on a mission for every employee to spend 10 minutes a day of intellectual stimulation. Everyone is very competitive on how many minutes of learning they will complete in one month, and the leaderboard is sent out once per week.

Here are a few courses that Uniphore employees have curated for contact center leaders, including some from instructors who were on our podcast, Conversations that Matter:

Leading with Noble Purpose

By Lisa Earle McLeod
Lisa wrote a book called Selling with Noble Purpose and Leading with Noble Purpose. She was recently on the Conversations that Matter podcast and said that leaders need to focus on being belief builders, and they do that by telling stories. If employees are not motivated to work at your company and understand the mission or noble purpose they will leave or worse stay at the company. Watch her course.


Managing Customer Expectations

By Jeff Toister
Are you an agent or contact center leader? Do you notice that customers are expecting more and more from you as a brand? Watch this course from customer service expert Jeff Toister.


Creating a Positive Customer Experience

By Jeannie Walters
Jeannie was a guest on Season 1 of the Conversations that Matter podcast and wants brands to have a focus on their customer experience mission and leave every customer with a positive experience. Learn how to do that by watching her course.


Writing in Plain Language

By Leslie O’Flahavan
Sometimes, when working in a technology-related field, we try too hard to describe the product and don’t focus on the target audience. We are often reminded to keep it simple in building products, and the same is also true in how we write and communicate with others. Leslie does a fantastic job of teaching us how to write in plain language. Watch this course.


Building Relationships While WFH

By Dave Crenshaw
Now that a lot of contact center agents are working at home distractions are a constant. However, that doesn’t mean that you stop building relationships with your remote team members and more importantly your customers. In this new course in 2020, Dave Crenshaw, an author and leadership coach specializing in productive leadership, gives actionable tips your team can take. Watch the course.


What are your favorite LinkedIn courses? Let us know by tweeting @uniphore.

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