Find Time to Celebrate & Give Thanks!

Find Time to Celebrate & Give Thanks!

By: Umesh Sachdev – CEO & Co-Founder, Uniphore

Every culture marks different times and seasons with celebrations and traditions. For many around the world, Diwali is a time to gather family, friends, and colleagues to celebrate a festival of lights.  It is a time to focus on global victories of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and other universal themes.

So, to the world, we say, “Happy Diwali!”

Here at Uniphore, we are fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates a range of traditions and holidays.  With Diwali on Saturday, November 14th and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we will always take the opportunity to enjoy time away from work and celebrate with our family and friends.  And we don’t just take time away for holidays.  We also strive to balance the demands of our jobs with more personal and fun meetings.  Keeping local regulations and guidelines for safe gatherings in mind, we continue to support many virtual events including informal virtual happy hours, remote dance lessons, meditation/yoga classes or even a family magic show to gather and enjoy some entertainment. These optional activities all contribute to our people-centric culture and we continue to receive positive feedback.

In a recent virtual Diwali celebration with Uniphore employees around the world, we shared several Rangolis as it is tradition to create in every house. Here are a few photos from employees and I have to say that are quite creative. Make sure to follow our Instagram page for more photos of the Uniphore culture.


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During this celebration season, I am so thankful for this global team who works very hard to ensure our customers’ success.  Every day seems to bring new opportunities our way and I’m grateful this team has the skill, talent and motivation to make great things happen!  I’m also deeply grateful for my family who have been there every step of this journey as we globalize and bring our innovative technology to the world.

So, during this time of Diwali, let’s all be sure to find time to celebrate (even the small wins), despite the challenges that are all around us.  Take the time to be with friends and family and find joy in ways that best suit you and your loved ones.  If you do, you’ll be happier and healthier as we head into a new year!

Onward to a great future!

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