New Standards for Customer Contact Performance 2021- Key Highlights

New Standards for Customer Contact Performance 2021- Key Highlights

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Customer experience is most often the no 1 strategic priority of executives, and the current pandemic has made that a bigger priority. However, delivering a better customer experience strategy requires a commitment to improve agent performance and productivity, thus delivering a better agent experience.

Delivering a Better Agent Experience to Drive a Better Customer Experience

At the New Standards for Customer Contact Performance Jafar H Syed, Uniphore shared his insights on delivering a better agent experience to drive a better customer experience. In this session, learn how AI can drive a better agent experience both during the call as well as post call. Familiarize yourself with some typical use cases where AI and automation can have a positive impact on agent experience.

Key takeaways from the session

  • The pivotal role contact centers play in driving overall business growth
  • How to measure, monitor, and facilitate stronger contact center results
  • Coaching strategies to help agent connect with evolving customer needs.

Watch the on-demand webinar of the session at the New Standards for Customer Contact Performance 2021.

At the event, Jafar had a fireside chat with Amanda Caparelli of CCW Digital. Amanda opened the discussion by saying that in the last several years new tech, new customer contact channels, and new objectives have become the norm. Jafar agreed and pointing out that employees behind the customer service are playing a bigger role in driving a better CX today.

Amanda wanted to know what the strategies are to drive a better CX and a better agent experience. She further asked, “Why should improving agent productivity and performance be prioritized right now?”. Jafar replied, “For too long the contact center industry hasn’t innovated much. The industry has been continuing with legacy infrastructure and approach for a long time.” That had a detrimental impact on the employee morale and resulted in very high attrition rates, according to Jafar.

Amanda next asked, “ How can AI drive a better agent experience both during the call and after the call”. Jafar replied, “Using AI to pull out the right information at the right time and providing it to customers”, is how AI can help improve the agent experience during the call. AI is adept at after-call work and this helps the agents after the call, according to Jafar.

What trends do you see are disrupting the customer service space today?”, Amanda wanted to know. Jafar explained that security has become a big concern for contact centers today. Also, customer expectations are changing and gravitating towards instant gratification and personalization. These are some of the top trends that Jafar saw disrupting the customer service industry.

Thought Jafar had a word of caution for customer service industry leaders. He said,Identify the problems in your contact centers and then check the AI and automation solutions that can help you resolve those problems”. These were Jafar’s parting thoughts if you really want to improve the agent experience and CX in your contact center.

Watch the on-demand webinar of the New Standards for Customer Contact Performance 2021.

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